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How To Create More Clear, Intentional Habits and Routines as a Leader – Change your Habits. Change your Life!

In this episode, it’ll be more of a workshop type of episode! So I encourage you to grab a paper, notebook and your favorite pen and to take notes. Because I believe that life is not just about taking in information, but it’s about applying what we learn into our daily lives.

And so in this episode, my goal is to help you to get more clear and more intentional as a leader today. And here’s the thing that’s so interesting about life.

Life is about doing the simple things and the small things. And those simple and small things that we do daily is what compounds over time. Sometimes we get caught up as a leader or as a parent thinking it’s about taking these huge, gigantic steps.

But it’s really the simple and small things that we do consistently and over a long period of time that will truly create your entire life.

And so becoming clear and intentional about those things is what’s going to create your habits.

And your habits, my friend, is what will create your routine, and your routines create your whole life.

So the first thing I want you to write in your notes is this….change your habits, and you’ll change your LIFE!

I want to share with you about the RULE OF 5 and discovering what you really want in life and becoming clear and intentional on how to get there by applying the RULE OF 5.

And I learned this philosophy from one of my most inspiring mentors, John C. Maxwell. John is a super interesting guy.

As a matter of fact, Inc Magazine quotes that  John C. Maxwell is one of today’s top leadership thinkers in the world. He’s written over 100 books.

And he reminds me of a quote that Robert Schuller said, If you build the people, the people will build the church”.

Isn’t that so true?

The same thing is true of life and in your business.

If you become the leader, the leader will build the business.

If you become the leader in your home, the leader will build the family.

If you become the leader in your church, the leader will build the community.

And so if you invest the time and the leadership of the people in your business, then you’ll build the business.

So going back to John C. Maxwell, someone had asked him, “John, how did you write 100 books?”

I mean, can you imagine?

For most people, we think about just writing 1 book, and here John Maxwell is, someone who’s written over 100 books! So how did he write over 100 books right?

And he shared that it was really simple…he said “I follow my Rule of 5. I did 5 simple things every single day.

I would:

  1. Read

  2. Think

  3. File (Find quotes, inspirational stories, illustration and file them away in his filing system so that he could recall them later)

  4. Ask Questions

  5. Write

And people asked him, well what would you do on Christmas Day? He’d answer the same thing…

I would read, think, file, ask questions, and write. They asked him, what would you do on your birthday?

He replied, “I would read, think file, ask questions, and write”.

So he had 5 simple things that he would do every single day that would help him to become the worlds authority on leadership.

Regardless if he was sick and not feeling well, or if he was on vacation, he would be consistent and do his daily 5.

He shares that he’s done that every single day for 50 years.

That’s how he’s been able to write over 100 books and sell over 30 million copies world wide and earned his way to becoming the world’s number one foremost thought leader on leadership.

And that was his Rule of 5.

The Rule of 5 says this, “It’s better to do the 5 right things every day than do the 5 right things on just some days”.

And so I want to encourage you to become clear on what you rule of 5 is.

What is YOUR rule of 5?

What are your five things that you should do every single day that is going to get you to be the person you want to become.

So if you’re looking to take your life to the next level, what are the five things you can become really clear on to get you there.

Here are five ways to identify your rule of 5:


  1. Know what you want in business and in life.  How will you know when you find it? What don’t you want? What could you become world class at? Because it’s so important to be one of the world class few versus trivial many. What’s the ONE or TWO things you could become world class at. Let me give you an example with Michael Jordan. He was world class at being the world’s best basketball player of all time. He was also world class in his branding.  Is it speaking, writing, building confidence?  Here is how you can find it. It’s the intersection of your PASSION, TALENT, and MONEY. PASSION: What do you love doing that you would do for free? TALENT: What are you good at and have innate skill sets with? Communication? Reading? MONEY: What pays well?When you combine these 3 things, you can start to unlock the wellsprings of “I know what I want”. And when you’re clear on what you want, you gain  power.    Tony Robbins says “Clarity equals power”
  2. Become clear on using the right tools as part of your arsenal to get you to where you want to go. ie personal development, what books are you reading? What coaches or mentors are you learning from?  What tools will you stop using that’s not going to help you, or even worse, slow you down to getting to your goals? TV? Partying?
  3. Commit to getting and staying FOC– USED. What controls your focus controls your life. Ditch the unproductive distractions. What are those distractions that you’re going to stop doing? If your goal is to be successful, you have to get and STAY focused.
  4. Commit to staying CONSISTENT. Decide to block the times when you will focus on building your business. When will you do your income producing activities? What are your priorities that you will decide to be focused and consistent on? What will you say NO to that are trivial distractions so that you want SAY YES to the important activity.
  5. Commit to being PERSISTENT UNTIL you succeed.

Now, what are the five things, your RULE of 5 to get you to get you accomplish what you want to be world class at?

Here’s mine as an example….

What do I want to be known for? I want to impact, influence and inspire others.

What is MY RULE OF 5 to get me to become world class?






What are your rule of 5. What are the five simple things that you do or commit to do every single day that will help you to create habits, that will help routines, that will help you to hit your goals and dreams? I’m sharing with you my friend, change your habits, change your life.

That’s what great leaders are doing. They’re building clear and intentional habits and routines and that’s my hope for you too, in your journey because you too are destined for greatness!

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